2003 Avalon Cruise

The Chronology of a Cruise

"Getting there is half the fun" (actually that is probably an exaggeration). As most of you did, we saw lots of sea life on the way to Catalina. We saw a run of dozens of porpoise cut across our bow. Others reported seeing a whale.

After an hour or so of feeling alone at sea, it was great to see Avalon appear in the morning mist.

We were greeted by the always friendly Avalon Harbor Patrol, who directed us to our mooring. After securing our craft, we settled down to enjoy our bonus day, Thursday, in Avalon.
After settling in and making the first run through the town, it is time to sit back and watch the traffic in the harbor. You are bound to see many friends pass by.

There were many seals frolicking in the bay to pique your interest.

With Sunset Aquatic and Huntington Harbour yacht clubs also visiting, it was a real Huntington Harbour outing.

Kathy Kriel took photos of all our boats and will share them with you on this site.
When the weekenders arrived on Friday, it was time to deliver the bar supplies in preparation for the evening social at 227 Descanso. Soon after the bar was set up and the "Party in a Box" was unpacked (compliments of Kathy Kriel and Jeanne Woods), the party goers began arriving.
And arrive they did - have you ever seen so many people in one living room in your life?
Members added their appetizers to the table, making it a feast to be remembered and enjoyed.
You must check out Jim Wood's shirt (two rows up and on the right). I heard many folks commenting on it. Jim must have a closet full of special shirts for every occasion. I'm afraid Jim will be wearing a shirt with the opening in the back for a little while. The way I understand it, he was doing the dingy-splits again as a reprise to two years ago. He hasn't gotten it right yet. We hope all goes well in the surgical amphitheater, Jim.
Saturday night we all came together at "The Riviera" for a fine dinner hosted by Dennis and Kathy Kriel.

The competition for the "Dumb Bell" award was hot and heavy.

Nat Pendleton got nominated for rebuilding his fresh water pump (twice) instead of just turning on the valve.

Diane Kaplan scared several skippers by getting them up in front of everyone, alluding to conversations she had with their spouses, only to let them get away. They are still trembling.

Jeff Smith was called for the breakage of some important hardware on his sailing vessel, but he pointed out that it only demonstrated his great seamanship by circumventing the breakage with a creative signaling system.

The award went to a very deserving Diane Kaplan for her creative use of nautical terms by referring to the space beneath the deck of a boat as "downstairs."
There is no place like home and seeing the lovely Pacific Coast Highway rise above the entrance to Huntington Harbour.

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