2003 Event Hosts Brunch

January 19, 2003
Bonaire Clubhouse

The Event Hosts Brunch was catered by the new 2003 SGYC Board.

This event is an opportunity to brief the 2003 Event Hosts regarding the event hosting process and for experienced event hosts to pass on the wisdom of their experience.

By being an event host, you have one of the most important responsibilities this club can bestow. By hosting an event, you bring our members together to experience the joy of being part of a fun loving group who enjoy the water and enjoy being with other friendly people. The event, and all that you do to create an enjoyable atmosphere, goes a long way to enhancing the success our club enjoys.

Commodore Jim Woods was working on his words of wisdom up to the last second. Jeanne Woods had the clubhouse wonderfully decorated in our burgee colors. Carole Stelle showed off the new collection of Ship Store clothing. Jean Worden was impressed with the selection.
Josef loves his wife's cooking. See Kim Davydovits recipe for French Toast Souffle in our new Recipe section. Mike DeHeus and Mike Courtway examine the ham. Hey Mike, try JoAnne McCormick's Potato Dish on your right. You can get the recipe on the new Recipe page. Jeanne Woods whips up a mimosa.
John Boryszewski waits patiently to have his picture taken before chowing down. Loretta Hollenbeck, Joanne & Bob McCormick John & Maryann Boryszewski and Mary Lou & Galen Espinosa
Jeff & Tina Haas Loretta Hollenbeck Mike DeHeus, Jim & Jeanne Woods and a guest of Loretta Hollenbeck, Connie
Kim & Josef Davydovits Sharon & Doug Fuhrman, Larry & Carole Stelle Kaylyn DeHeus and Jim Woods
Mike & Sharon Courtway and Merle McCormick & Mary Shebell Front row Maryann Boryszewski and Mary Lou Espinosa
Back row Jean & Tom Worden
Tina Haas looking for decorations for the Super Bowl Party.
As Commodore Jim Woods conducts the meeting, you can't help but notice how frugal we can expect Jim to be. Notice how much mileage he gets out of his Christmas wear.